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Member Designated Transportation & Infrastructure Projects

(Listed in alphabetical order)


Title: City of South Miami Pedestrian Bridge

Location: US-1 and SW 71st Street, South Miami, FL 33143

Project Sponsor: City of South Miami

Project Amount: $4,330,000

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Title: Commodore Trail Missing Link

Location: South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

Project Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Project Amount: $999,205

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Title: Coral Gables Trolley Project

Location: Coral Gables, FL 33134

Project Sponsor: The City of Coral Gables

Project Amount: $1,400,000

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Title: Marlin Road Roadway Improvements Project

Location: From US-1 to Old Cutler Road, Cutler Bay, FL

Project Sponsor: The Town of Cutler Bay

Project Amount: $8,800,000

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Title: Miami River Greenway - Curtis Park East

Location: Miami, FL 33125

Project Sponsor: Florida Department of Transportation

Project Amount: $2,392,000

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Title: North Bay Village 79th Street Complete Streets Project

Location: 79th Street, North Bay Village, Florida 33141

Project Sponsor: North Bay Village

Project Amount: $1,000,000

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Title: PortMiami North Cruise Boulevard Extension Phase III

Location: Miami, Florida 33132

Project Sponsor: Miami-Dade County / PortMiami

Project Amount: $10,400,000

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Title: PortMiami Shore Power Pilot Program 

Location: Miami, Florida 33132

Project Sponsor: Miami-Dade County / PortMiami

Project Amount: $2,000,000

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Community Funding Requests

(Listed in alphabetical order)


Title: Biscayne Bay Water Pump (Coconut Grove)

Project Sponsor: Miami-Dade County

Project Amount: $1,600,000

Description: This pump will support the conversion of parcels served by septic systems to the sanitary sewer system to reduce the risk of nutrients being transported to the groundwater aquifer (Biscayne Aquifer), canals, and ultimately Biscayne Bay. This will help prevent sewage backups into homes and potential exposure of residents to flood waters that may be contaminated with sewage. It is expected to provide a safe and reliable sewer service that will perform better in a coastal community subject to the impacts of rising groundwater.



Title: Greater Biscayne Bay Harmful Algae Bloom Monitoring Program 

Project Sponsor: Florida International University, 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199

Project Amount: $2,000,000

Description: This project will promote health and wellbeing for the community, marine life, the environment, and the local economy by creating a monitoring system to predict the extent of future toxic algal blooms in Biscayne and Florida Bays.

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Title: Key Biscayne K-8 Center Elementary School Stormwater Improvements Project

Project Sponsor: The Village of Key Biscayne

Project Amount: $500,000

Description: This project will provide a safer, more quality educational environment for school-aged children at Key Biscayne’s K-8 Elementary and Middle School by reducing the excessive flooding experienced in and around the school. In addition to addressing flooding at the school, this would also help reduce the high amount of pollutants discharged into Biscayne Bay.


Title: Mount Sinai Medical Center Infrastructure Hardening and Resiliency Project

Project Sponsor: The City of Miami Beach

Project Amount: $5,000,000

Description: As the sole hospital provider during disasters for vulnerable populations without options, Mount Sinai fulfils an essential emergency healthcare function  for the city, state, and federal governments.  Mount Sinai Medical Center has developed a Resiliency Master Plan that will protect campus facilities and mitigate damage from storm surge, seawater intrusion, windstorm damage, and flooding. The requested funds for this project would go towards resiliency improvements that the center needs to continue to safely serve its 10,000,000+ annual visitors and protect the lives of patients, hospital staff, and local residents in times of severe weather emergencies.


Title: National Center for Education and Conservation of Florida's Coral Reefs

Project Sponsor: Frost Museum of Science, 1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Project Amount: $1,150,000

Description: This project would create a new community-focused coral nursery and education center at the Frost Museum of Science, which would allow for research, education, and a conservation work to save Florida's Coral Reef. The proposed center would provide unique opportunities for continuous education, research and dissemination, and active field conservation of Florida's coral reefs, while connecting people to marine science, STEM based education, biodiversity and restoration. 

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Title: Pinecrest Stormwater Management Project

Project Sponsor: The Village of Pinecrest

Project Amount: $606,000

Description: The Stromwater Management Project focuses on much-needed infrastructure improvements to reduce flooding and more effectively manage stormwater. The proposed project is located in an area that has suffered repetitive flooding over the years, and this project would dramatically reduce the risk of floods in the future.


Title: Startup FIU Tech and Food Business Hub

Project Sponsor: Florida International University

Project Amount: $500,000

Description: StartUP FIU is a university-wide initiative that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship for its students, faculty, alumni, and for the greater community of Miami. This project proposes to partner with community and local governmental organizations in Florida’s 27th District to develop a Startup FIU Technology  and Food Business Hub that would create over 500 jobs. The proposed grant would be used to help students partner directly with companies to enhance their skills in digital marketing, social media, website development, e-commerce, design thinking, sales, finance, entrepreneurship, and data analytics.



Title: West Miami Potable Water Main Improvements Project

Project Sponsor: The City of West Miami

Project Amount: $3,000,000

Description: The City of West Miami’s existing potable water system is comprised largely of 4”-8” cast-iron mains constructed over 50 years ago and is unsuitable to serve the existing population of the City. The outdated system suffers from leakage, intermittent failures, and ruptures causing disruptions in service, damage to infrastructure, and potential contaminationThis project will help the City replace its aged and outdated water infrastructure.